Are the Kids Ready for an Upgrade?

Home Tech Design™ explores all your options for an integrated room that rocks

Ever notice that the kids seem to access the newest technology before you’re even aware of what’s on the market? Home Tech Design has noticed, and we have solutions for parents in the South Florida and Santo Domingo regions (or beyond). Making some simple upgrades to their room will help prepare them for future innovations, ensure that you have a handle on what’s going on, and give the kids a space where everyone will want to hang out!

Keep them Connected

Include their room as a zone on your whole-home A/V system, and make it easy for them to access their favorite movies, shows and music. Your movie server, DVR, and music systems (wired or wireless) can be controlled with remotes, tablets or mobile devices. You can even have your distributed DVR personalized for each family member, simplifying access for children even more.  A wall-docked iPad assures Mom and Dad that it won’t get lost when not in use, and the kids have an alternative when the iPhone or other remotes disappear in the seat cushions.

You can also take a more economical approach and invest in a SmartTV that can access streaming video services (with an all-in-one speaker or networked A/V receiver). You’ll just want to make sure your Wi-Fi signals are strong and consistent.

Premier Sleepovers

If you really want your kid’s room to be a destination for all their friends, giving them a theater in their room is certainly one way to go. Securely mounting a flat-panel display on their wall saves room for the toy bin or other furniture on the floor. Or you can keep the wall clear for decorations by installing a ceiling-mounted, retractable projection screen, as well as a projector. Tie the video into a home automation system, set the time limits, and enjoy the peace-of-mind in knowing the sleepover won’t go too far into the night.

With the right space and design, you can even incorporate plush seating for that real theater atmosphere. New seats and loungers include storage space for stuff like game consoles and controllers, plus cup and snack holders for movie or gaming marathons.

Trust…but Verify

From toddlers to teenagers, you want to give them their space but have a responsibility to mitigate any trouble. A strategically-placed surveillance camera can allow you to peek in without intruding. Make sure the model sees well in the dark, so you’ll be able to see what’s going on even with the lights out or when a film is running. With an intercom system, you have the option of getting their attention loud and clear.

If you want any details in regards to these solutions, or even more ideas of how you can make your kid’s room the envy of the neighborhood, all you have to do is call Home Tech Design today! We’ve got the goods on whole-home automation, home theater components and furnishings, sound, intercoms, security solutions, and much more.

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