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Home Tech Design™ releases Part 2 of Environmental Solutions

Since we opened the doors here at Home Tech Design, we have been committed to offering only the finest and most reliable brands for every project we take on from Miami to Santo Domingo. Last edition we explored a variety of ways Crestron solutions make a real impact in reducing energy consumption and formulating a greener environment. But Crestron isn’t the only option in technology energy savings for your home or office. Control4 also allows you to combine high tech with positive environmental impact, not only giving you control of your home or business, but also making it easy to conserve precious resources like energy, water and time.

Control4 Makes it Easy to Conserve


Control4’s home automation system provides for the addition of Eragy’s Energy Monitoring, allowing you to see where the power is being used on a per-circuit basis. View your energy usage in real time, in addition to the historical data of your energy usage by circuit. This information demonstrates areas ripe for energy savings.

What if you learned that your HVAC system and certain home electronics devices are using a significant amount of energy at times when they’re not needed, like when your family is sleeping or when they’re away? And what if you could alter this consumption without affecting your family’s lifestyle while saving significant energy?

Control4’s home automation systems can automatically turn off unnecessary devices and adjust cooling and heating set points when the home is unoccupied or when the family is asleep. This is usually accomplished with simple house modes keypads and buttons on your touchpanels. Not only can you program your thermostat to know when you’re home and when you’re out, but if your schedule changes, a keypad near your front door automatically signals your house that you’re leaving and adjusts the temperature accordingly.

If you decide to come home early, remote access allows you to adjust your heating or air conditioning so your house is comfortable by the time you arrive. You can even automate your shades to open and close with the sunlight, reducing the work that your climate control system has to do; thereby saving even more energy.



Light Matters

Despite our best intentions, we all waste electricity by leaving the lights on. In fact, lighting accounts for 20% of all electricity consumed in the U.S., and 50% of that is waste with inefficient light sources in unoccupied rooms. The good news is that Control4 can automate your lights so they come on when you need them and go off when you don’t.

Outdoor lighting can be controlled through motion sensors only to come on when you need them, or programmed to come on at sunset for the safety and security of your home and family. Indoor lighting can also use sensors to automatically turn off when no one is in the room.

Dimmers are another excellent solution. Simply dimming your lights by 25% (barely noticeable to the human eye), can reduce electricity consumption by 20% and quadruples the life of your bulbs. Ambient light sensors allow Control4 to automatically adjust the lighting levels on your Control4 dimmer so you never use more light than you need, but always have enough.

Security Expanded

Even your security system can be integrated into the rest of your Control4 home or office. When you’re heading out the door, simply push a button and you can not only arm your alarm, but turn off your lights, reset your thermostat, and shut down all A/V gear and other electronic devices. Control4 Sight Internet Services can even email you in the event of a water leak, fire or other security event. With access through touch panels, TV screens or remotely via the Internet, you can control your home or business and have true peace of mind, whether you’re in the next room or in the next state.

Control4 and Crestron make being green easy every day. And with the experts at Home Tech Design, all these energy-savings solutions are easy to order, install and maintain. Call us today for more information, and stop by our blog for even more technology solutions!

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