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Home Tech Design & Control4: Stay Connected Everywhere

Miami-based Home Automation Experts Explore Total System Integration

Welcome back!

dealer logo auth square highres CMYKAs we mentioned in our previous blog, Home Tech Design is determined to be your resource for all things home automation. To that end, we wanted to focus this second edition on another of our key integration partners; Control4.

Imagine receiving an alert from your phone while you're away from home that says your garage door is open, and then it gives you the option of closing it. Or imagine pressing a button as you leave the house and your AC shuts off, your lights go out, and your alarm
system arms. Then, when you return home, another button push brings up the lights you have selected for that time of day, turns on your music or queues your television to your DVR. Such progress is no longer limited to your imagination and such functionality and ease-of-use has made Control4 a preferred entry-level solution for home automation.

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HOME TECH DESIGN™ & CRESTRON®: Putting the Power in Your Hands

Miami-based Home Automation Specialist Explores Total Home Technology

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As the home automation industry continues to evolve with product advancements and integration technologies, HOME TECH DESIGN™ is ready to bring our expertise to you! Our new blog is here as a resource to spotlight products and services that will have the most impact on your projects.

Our first spotlight, however, is actually on HOME TECH DESIGN™ ( More specifically, we wanted to take this opportunity to present the advantages of working with an authorized Crestron Dealer.

Proudly Representing Crestron in South Florida

The new home automation systems are sometimes called "Smart Home" systems or "Systems Integration." Whatever the title, they are all referring to intuitive control of your home's subsystems, including audio/video, lighting, security, CCTV, motorized shades & drapes, pool/spa and more. Besides a consistent system-to-system look and feel which makes controlling your home easier, combining these subsystems into a unified control also greatly eliminates wall clutter. Thermostats are hidden in closets or a mechanical room and backup security keypads and pool/spa controllers can likewise be hidden.


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